Introducing the Sasquatch Jib Park and the guy behind it!

About the Park…

The Sasquatch Jib Park at Crystal Mountain will be a unique, one of a kind, jib-only focused Park. The Park is located on the 4,400 ft. long Mr. Magoo run, which is located directly under the high speed flying couch that is the Forest Queen Express.

The Sasquatch Jib Park is going to be comprised of approximately thirty features varying from all different kinked rails, straight rails, boxes, bonks, stalls, pole jams, butter pads of snow, and everything you need to cure all of your sliding, tapping, bonking, wild shredding desires!! The park offers no shortage of creativity, innovation, progression, and a plethora of fun! Come take some laps and get wild!

You won’t find any big air in the park, but there’s plenty of natural terrain features in the North & South Country to get some serious air-time if that’s what you’re after.

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Park features and layout subject to change.

About JP, in his own words….

Some people call me Josh, others JP, I’ll leave it up to you, but my name is Josh-Paul Sokolowski. I was born in Seattle and raised in the surrounding areas. My snowboarding career first began right here on the slopes of Crystal Mountain back in the 98/99 season and has been my home mountain ever since! However, in search of snow and better Terrain Parks, my journey took me to New Zealand in 2006. Upon returning stateside, I ventured to Park City, Utah where I called home for the Northern Hemisphere winters, traveling between New Zealand in the summer months. While spending three years in Park City, I had the pleasure working under the combined Terrain Park wizardry of both Jim Mangan and Jeremy Cooper, and John Power at the Remarkables in Queenstown, New Zealand. Learning a lot and sharing more laughs than I can remember, I give big thanks to those guys!

When I am not traveling or on the hill doing laps through the park, you can find me at the shop building a new feature, at a local skatepark, drawing tattoos, being bewildered by classic cars and Harley Davidsons, or spending time with my girlfriend Laura.

To be not only adding to the Park creativity here in the Northwest, but to be back at my home mountain building a completely new and fresh park is literally a childhood dream come true! Getting the phone call to return home to build something completely new was indescribable and I am excited to be home. My personal goal is to set a new standard for Terrain Parks in the Northwest, and to build the most innovative and progressive Park in Washington State. Having grown up in the Evergreen State, I understand that this place is a freeriding mecca, and my aim is to build and maintain a progressive and innovative park to match.

If you see either myself or my crew on the hill, feel free to stop us and say hi! Remember, we’re here for you guys and we hope to see you in the new Park!


Stay tuned for more exciting updates!