Dog-Friendly Hikes

Don’t leave your furry K9 friend at home this summer! As you make plans to visit Mt. Rainier and the surrounding area, remember that dogs are not allowed in the National Park. The good news is, dogs are welcome at Crystal Mountain all summer long!

There are tons of great trails around the area that are pet-friendly! You’ll find that trails are easily accessed from the base area of Crystal, the summit via the gondola, or Highway 410. Make sure that you bring enough water for you and your dog- during the summer, trails can get hot! Depending on where you go however, there are lakes and streams that they can cool off in.



Some of our favorite dog-friendly trails are:

If you would like to check out Mt. Rainier National park while you’re in the area with your pets, note that they are only allowed to accompany you in parking lots, campgrounds, on paved roads open to public vehicles, and no more than 25 feet from paved roads. This goes for all seasons, even when roads are closed off due to snow. While in these areas, pets must be leashed at all times and in the presence of their owners.

Take Your Pup On A Gondola Ride

Better yet, take your furbaby on the Mt. Rainier Gondola to experience the best view of Mt. Rainier together. Some may need a little bribery with treats or their favorite toy to get on the Gondola. 

Since Crystal Mountain and the surrounding area is home to many species of wildlife, both plants and animals- It’s important to acknowledge the impact that our pets can have. There are doggie-bags available around the base area near the gondola, Right Angle Sports and along the summit ridge. Nobody likes stepping in a surprise along the trails, so make sure to bring enough bags and dispose of them properly in the trash receptacles in the base area. 

Leashes are important to restrain your dog from chasing wildlife out of their natural habitats- even some of the most well-trained pooches can’t resist the taunting squeaks of a chipmunk, marmot or pika! Elk and deer call these mountains home as well, their stomping or charging can pose a hazard to a bold, unleashed dog. For respect of the wildlife and safety of your pets, a leash is a must-bring! 

Special Notes:

  • All dogs must be leashed while at Crystal. They are allowed in all outdoor public areas, on trails, and on the Mt. Rainier Gondola. 
  • Never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle or in a campground! Nobody likes to be left behind.

We hope that these tips have been informative and helpful- see you out on the trails!