Corporate Tickets
Our corporate ticket program is designed as a benefit to provide a discount on tickets for employees and their dependents. Tickets can be used as an incentive or employee perk. This is a great addition to any corporate health and wellness program. Minimums and other restrictions apply. Ticket price varies have your HR or employee benefits department contact us today.

Important Information
  • Minimum order of 50 adult tickets is required. Additional tickets can be purchase in quantities of 25.
  • Youth tickets can be ordered in increments of 25.
  • Prepay in full and receive two complimentary tickets per 50 tickets ordered.
  • Tickets cannot be resold for a higher value.
  • All corporate ticket vouchers are valid anytime during the regular winter season.
  • Unused vouchers over the first 50 must be returned within 15 days of closing for an account credit towards next winter.
Corporate Ticket Rates 2019/2020Winter Tickets*
Adult (23 - 69) Minimum Order 50$75
Youth (13 - 22) Minimum Order 25$65
*Corporate Ticket Rates include taxes