Winter Driving Tips

Be prepared for winter driving conditions. Take it slow on ice and snow. Allow extra room between vehicles and avoid abrupt actions while steering, braking or accelerating.

Clear snow and ice off your vehicle – including lights and roof – before driving. Keep your car stocked with basic winter safety equipment such as a scraper, shovel, chains and jumper cables.

Fill’er up before leaving home – Gas is not available at Crystal Mountain.

Don’t forget these 11 Trunk Essentials:

  1. Water – Staying hydrated is key!
  2. Food – Grab some high protein bars and snack items to keep in a tote in your car along with water. Keeping food in your stomach helps keep you warm.
  3. A way to make fire – Waterproof matches, a lighter or two, fire starters or whatever will help you start a fire.
  4. Blankets – These are great to have anyways on drives to the mountain, but you’ll be extra happy when you have these if you are stuck on the side of the road.
  5. A good knife or multi-tool – You never know what you might need if stranded on the side of the highway waiting for a tow truck.
  6. A shovel – Sliding off the road into a ditch or simply getting stuck in deep snow on the road means much less when you have a shovel to dig yourself out!
  7. Gloves – Gloves to keep those fingers warm while shoveling snow!
  8. Light – The daylight hours are shorter in the winter meaning it’s possible for something to happen while driving in the dark. Keep a flashlight with batteries handy!
  9. First Aid Kit – If you can help yourself and/or your passengers before medical help arrives, you that much better off!
  10. Communications – Make sure your phone is charged, though there isn’t the best service on HWy 410, it is improving!
  11. Space tire, jack and tire iron – Make sure this is already in your trunk and that your spare tire has air. You never know when these tools will come in handy!

For more tips on winter driving visit the Washington State Department of Transportation’s website.