A perfect escape

Sleep along a snowy mountain creek, and wake up to the sounds of mountain operations. From the avalanche mitigation booms to snow machines, grooming equipment and more it will get your heart racing in anticipation. 
Welcome to B-Lot, a busy day-use parking lot during the winter with dedicated RV parking. Allowing RV guests to park and camp within walking distance of the base area. The RV lot or "B-Lot" is a small mountain community, you’ll meet new people and make new friends in no time.
All RV’s and Campers must park along the west bank of B-lot, which is on the right side of the road as you approach the resort. All sites are available on a first-come basis. To maximize the use of space, all sites will be assigned by hosts. First come first serve does not mean you choose wherever you want to park. It just means no reservations. Of the 66 RV slots in B-lot, 32 sites are dual 50/30amp and 33 sites are 30amp.

Registration is required upon arrival at the RV shack using the envelopes and drop box. Failure to register upon arrival will result in a $100 boot removal fee in addition to paying for your site.
    • All RV’s must park along the West edge of B Lot, by the power hook-up spots, in a single row only.
      There is a 14 day limit on overnight RV stays.
      No dump or water station is available at Crystal so take care of those needs before you arrive.
      Daytime parking attendants are on-site to monitor things and make sure the rules are being followed.
      We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items, RV’s or vehicles left in the parking lot.
      RV must be occupied each night or it will be considered abandoned and will be impounded at owner’s expense.
      Plan on staying the entire day of check out. You are not guaranteed space to maneuver and pull out while B lot is filled with day-use cars. On high volume days, parking attendants may park a row of cars in front of the RV’s.
    • Payment is due upon check-in. Crystal Mountain will place locking boots on vehicles failing to properly pay. There is a $100 fee to have the boot removed from your vehicle in addition to the regular camping fee.
      No parking of tow vehicles, personal vehicles or RV’s in the middle of B-Lot. All RV’s must be parked along the West bank of B Lot in numbered spaces only.
      Extra vehicles are to be parked on the South end (near building along hillside) of B-Lot. The locking boots will also be used on improperly parked vehicles.
      Your RV may only occupy one space and only one RV per space. This includes awnings, slides, etc.
      Quiet time is 10PM – 8AM. Please be respectful of your neighbors in the RV community.
      Wood fires are not allowed. Propane fires in raised self-contained pits are permitted and must be in the parking lot area, clear of danger to trees and RV’s.
      Dogs must be attended and picked up after. Dog waste bags are provided in the RV Registration Shelter. Please do not let them run free without supervision. Dogs may not be tied to RV and left unattended when RV is unoccupied.
      Please take pride in your campsite and keep it free of the trash.
      Cutting or disturbing any living vegetation is not allowed.

      Failure to comply with these RV Rules may result in loss of RV camping privileges for the remainder of the season.