Crystal Mountain is proud to join the Ikon Pass. The last chance to buy an Ikon Pass for the 2018-19 season was December 13th, 2018.  The Ikon Pass for 2019/20 will go on sale this Spring!

The Ikon Pass is the new standard in season passes, connecting the most iconic mountains in North America, Australia and Japan, and delivering authentic, memorable mountain adventures. 


Ikon Pass – Unlimited access to 14 destinations, plus seven-days and seven-days combined at 21 destinations, with zero blackout dates.

Ikon Base Pass – Unlimited access to 12 destinations, plus five-days and five-days combined at 23 destinations, with three blackout periods.

For more information please visit www.ikonpass.com

Season Pass FAQ’s

Got questions?  Please read through the Season Pass FAQ to learn more.  

Ikon Pass holders who are just visiting will need to stop at the ticket kiosk to grab a lift ticket.  Ikon Pass holders who live locally and plan to ski Crystal most of the winter can get a Crystal season pass at Guest Services providing direct-to-lift access.  

Crystal Anytime Pass Holders 2018-19

You will continue to use your Crystal Anytime Pass for direct-to-lift access this winter.  You will use your Ikon Pass when visiting the other resorts.  All Crystal Passes Expire April 14th, 2019. 

Crystal Off-Peak Pass Holders 2018-19

Crystal Off-Peak Passes are valid Monday through Friday, Non-Holiday. Holidays include: Dec. 24th- Jan 1st, MLK Day and Presidents Day. All Crystal Passes Expire April 14th, 2019.

Crystal Anytime Child Pass

Get unlimited and unrestricted access to Crystal during the 2018-2019 winter season for children 10 and under.  

AgeTier 1
March 20-May 31
Tier 2
June 1-Nov. 1
Tier 3
Nov. 2 Onward
Child (0-10)$10

Important Information

  • Crystal Anytime Child Season Passes are available for purchase online or in Guest Services only. 
  • New photos can be uploaded online at the time of purchase. Head shots only please.  No hats, sunglasses, wigs, novelty mustaches or photos of your pets.  
  • Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Passes expire April 14, 2019.
  • Age category based on age at time of purchase.
  • Prices listed above do not include 7.9% state/regional tax.

Season Pass Protection Program

Insure your investment with our Season Pass Refund Protection (SPRP) program. SPRP protects your winter season pass purchase from an unplanned occurrence that prevents you from using your season pass for the remainder of the ski season due to injury, sickness, pregnancy, military deployment or relocation.

Who is Eligible?

Any individual who buys a Crystal Anytime or Off-Peak Season Pass. SPRP is for the pass holder only and does not include other family members such as spouse, dependent children or other family members. Coverage does not include caretakers. SPRP is NOT transferable and cannot be sold or exchanged. SPRP can only be purchased at the time of season pass purchase.

SPRP Pricing

Ages 11+: $37
SPRP is not available for Child passes.

Refund Policy

There are four (4) reasons for which a refund will be offered to SPRP participants:
1) Injury or medical condition preventing use of pass – documented by medical certificate
2) Pregnancy – documented by medical certificate
3) Relocation more than 200 miles away – documented by employment letter or other reasonable proof
4) Military deployment – called to active military service, military leave is revoked or reassigned

Refund amount is based on the date Crystal Mountain is contacted – NOT the date of injury

Unused Passes:
100% anytime before the start of the season

Used Passes:
75% anytime before the start of the season if used during the late-spring skiing season

Opening Day – December 31st 75%
January 1st – February 28th 50%
March 1st – End of Season 0%


Season Pass Refund Protection Benefit
The maximum benefit amount of Season Pass Refund Protection shall not exceed the purchase amount of the pass (excluding the cost of Pass Refund Protection). Up to the maximum benefit amount per season pass will be paid if the pass holder is prevented from using the season pass for the remainder of the ski season due to the pass holder’s injury, sickness, pregnancy, military deployment or relocation. With respect to an injury, sickness or pregnancy of the pass holder, a physician must recommend in writing that due to the severity of the pass holder’s condition, it is medically necessary that the pass holder does not ski/ride for the remainder of the ski season for which the season pass was purchased. The pass holder must be under the direct care and attendance of a physician. The season pass holder must contact Crystal Mountain immediately after the accident or onset of sickness or pregnancy.

With respect to military deployment, the pass holder is called to active military service or military leave is revoked or reassigned while the pass holder’s coverage under Pass Protection is in force.

With respect to relocation, the relocation may be occasioned for any reason but must be 200 miles or more from Crystal Mountain, WA or permanent residence has changed more than 200 miles from your previous residence, as evidenced on MapQuest.com. The season pass must be surrendered to Crystal Mountain immediately after the relocation and the pass holder must provide proof of change of address (driver’s license, passport, voter registration, etc.).

Any qualifying cancellation benefit amount will be delivered by certified mail to the pass holder at the relocation address. The amount of the cancellation benefit will be equal to the pro-rated amount of the actual cost of the season pass paid.

Limitations for Season Pass Refund Protection
With respect to Season Pass Refund Protection coverage, refunds are not payable in whole or in part for:
1. Season passes not specific to SPRP
2. Staff, volunteer, industry, trade, media, Founders, complimentary and donation season passes
3. The cost of the SPRP
4. Any amount in excess of the purchase amount of the pass less the cost of SPRP per season pass covered
5. Claims made after established reporting date parameters

Effective and Termination Date
Effective Date – Season Pass Refund Protection coverage is provided for the specific ski season for which a season pass has been purchased at Crystal Mountain. Coverage begins at 12:00 a.m. on the date the pass holder purchases a season pass and the Pass Refund Protection.

Termination Date – Season Pass Refund Protection coverage ends at 11:59 p.m. on the earlier of:
1) March 1st of the specific ski season for which a season pass has been purchased at Crystal Mountain or
2) the date when the covered pass holder has been determined unable to use his or her season pass as defined by the appropriate documentation described with in this document.

Injury –bodily injury sustained as a direct result of an unintended, unanticipated accident that is external to the body and that occurs while the pass holder’s coverage under SPRP is in force.

Medically Necessary – a physician’s recommendation is consistent with the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of the pass holder’s condition, is appropriate with regard to standards of good medical practice and is not primarily for the convenience of the pass holder.

Pregnancy – complication of pregnancy, normal pregnancy or childbirth must occur while the pass holder’s coverage under Pass Protection is in force and must be verified by medical records.

Military Deployment – called to active military service or military leave is revoked or reassigned while the pass holder’s coverage under Pass Protection is in force. Military documentation proving deployment or military leave reassignment must be provided.

Pass Holder – an individual who buys a Season Pass from the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort for a ski season.

Physician – a licensed practitioner of the healing arts acting within the scope of his or her license who is not the pass holder or a person who is related to the pass holder by blood, marriage, civil union partner or living arrangement.

Relocation – permanent residence has changed since the purchase of season pass to a new location more than 200 miles. Relocating for a temporary position or someone who travels outside the area frequently does not fall within the relocation guidelines.

Sickness – an illness or disease that requires treatment by a physician.

Skiing/Ski – Alpine skiing or snowboarding

Making a Claim

Review the Season Pass Refund Protection guidelines.
Notice of a Season Pass Refund Protection Claim must be made in writing.

Written notices may mailed to:
Crystal Mountain Guest Services
Attn: Season Pass Refund Protection
33914 Crystal Mountain Blvd.
Crystal Mountain, WA 98022

Or emailed to:
[email protected]

Additional documents may be required once the request is received. If documents are not received by the stated deadlines in the SPRP guideline, the refund may not be processed, amount adjusted accordingly or delayed. Refund amounts are date specific with completed process.