Avy Dog Grill

The Avy Dog Grill will be serving up creative concoctions of Spicy pork, Bavarian or Vegan sausages, and the classic all-beef frankfurter.  The grill will be located at the Summit of Crystal Mountain next to the Summit House. It’s a perfect destination for a quick bite between your mountain adventures, plus you’re supporting a good cause. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Crystal Mountain Avalanche Rescue Dogs.


Grill Menu

K-dog – $10.50
Sweet and spicy pork sausage topped with kimchi, crispy fried onions and gochujang mayo

Masala dog – $8.00
Vegan sausage with masala-spiced lentils and minted coconut milk

Bavarian sausage with sauerkraut mayo and curry ketchup

Seattle dog$9.50
Classic all-beef frankfurter with cream cheese, celery seeds, and crispy fried onions

Ballpark dog$9.00
Classic all-beef frankfurter with the toppings you choose from our condiment bar

2019 Summer Hours

Saturday & Sunday 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Hours are weather and business permitting.

Avalanche Rescue Dogs

Crystal Mountain’s Avalanche Rescue Dog Program has been active for nearly 30 years. Since its start, the professional ski patrollers at Crystal have trained search dogs as an additional resource during an avalanche response. The dogs are trained to find human scent coming from underneath the snow. The dog teams consist of a skilled professional ski patroller and the highly trained working dogs who were raised and trained at Crystal. Over the last three decades, several generations of solid working dogs have played a key role in avalanche recovery. Want to know more? Check out their dedicated webpage.