Boundary Policy

Designated Exit Points

There are nine exit points along the Crystal Mountain Resort boundary. These exit points are labeled E1-E8 on the trail map and on the mountain. All backcountry users leaving the ski area boundary MUST observe the signage and exit through one of these exit points. Contact ski patrol with any questions.

Kempers Permanent Closure

There is a localized permanent boundary closure for the “Kemper’s” avalanche path which lies entirely within the designated wilderness of Mount Rainier 

National Park. This localized closure applying to all users, and requested by Crystal Mountain, is authorized and supported by the U.S. Forest Service and Mount Rainier National Park. Violators—whether or not in possession of a lift ticket—will lose skiing privileges at Crystal Mountain for at least one year.

Beyond the Ski Area Boundary

When leaving the ski area boundary YOU are accepting complete responsibility for your safety. Crystal Mountain recommends backcountry travelers to have the following:

  • proper avalanche education
  • proper avalanche equipment & knowledge to use it (probe, shovel & beacon)
  • backcountry travel knowledge and experience
  • knowledge of local conditions including weather and snow pack history

Rescue, if possible, may be slow and costly to you. Re-entering into closed areas within the ski area boundary is prohibited.