Chairlift Safety

The following are some helpful tips to remember when riding a chairlift.

  • If unfamiliar with loading, riding, or unloading procedures it is your responsibility to notify the operator.
  • When loading, read and obey the “Wait Here” and “Load Here” signs as well as any other signage present.
  • When getting seated on the chair, ensure you are seated with your back fully against the backrest, and hold on to the chair.
  • If you or anyone else is not properly seated on the chair it is your responsibility to verbally notify the lift operator.
  • An adult should lower the arm bar after notifying other riders. Small children should not attempt to lower the arm bar.
  • During the ride, sit still and do not adjust equipment or lean forward for any other reason.
  • When unloading, raise tip(s) of skis/snowboard and wait to stand up until the chair reaches the “Unload Here” sign.