Crystal Mountain evolves every season and all feedback is welcome. We are always happy to answer questions from regular visitors, as well as those considering visiting us for the first time. Response times can vary but most inquiries are responded to within 48 hours. Check out our FAQs for common customer needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Classes

How are classes assigned?

Students are assigned to preliminary classes based on information provided at registration. Changes may be made throughout the season based on the needs of each student. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests by students to ski or ride with friends or siblings, as long as students are compatible by age, ability, and comfort with terrain and speed variations.

During the first session, Crystal Mountain Snowsports Staff will conduct an on-hill evaluation of the student’s skill level and their ability to fit into their group. Changes may be made at this time to insure that each student is matched correctly with each class. Age, ability, and comfort with terrain and speed at which they travel down the mountain will be considered in making this decision. Please note that students may move through lower levels fairly quickly. As they progress into more advance levels, it may take them several seasons to move up. Please help your student understand this and not be discouraged if they are in the same level as last year.

Will my student change classes?

All students progress at different rates. In some cases, it may be necessary for us to change a students class during the program. Transfer requests by students or the Ski Program Coordinators must be brought to the attention of the Crystal Mountain Snowsports Supervisors. All requests will be handled on a case by case basis. Decisions will be based on feedback from the instructor of the class in question, the needs of the student, and that of the Ski Program Coordinator. Transfers without the permission of the Ski Program Coordinator and the Crystal Mountain Snowsports Supervisors will not be considered for approval.

How do I get my student in the same class as their friend?

Students may request to ski or ride with friends or siblings once they are registered. Every effort will be made to accommodate these requests as long as students are compatible by age, ability and comfort with terrain and speed variation.

Does my student need a lift ticket?

All students are required to have a valid lift ticket or Season Pass on their person at all times. Season passes are non-transferable and will be checked. Sharing a season pass with a friend or family member is grounds for have season pass revoked without refund. Lift tickets and Season Passes are purchased separately. Please take care of this prior to the beginning of their lesson.

What to expect on the first day of lessons

Please make sure your child has had a good breakfast and used the bathroom before arriving to their lesson.

What gear and/or equipment will my child need?

Your child should arrive to their lesson dressed, with their equipment and ready to ski!

In addition to their equipment (Skiers: skis, boots & poles / Snowboarders: Snowboard & boots), we also recommend they wear the following:

A good base layer, including ski socks
Waterproof snow pants
Waterproof snow jacket
Waterproof gloves or mittens
Neck gaiter (weather depending)
Hand warmers (keep in their pockets if needed)

Please note, we do not allow helmet mounted cameras in lessons.

Drop Off

Where do we go on the first day?

Our Mountain Sports Teams meeting area is located to the left of the Chinook chair lift. Please arrive between 9:15-9:25 to drop off your child at the lesson meeting area. Please do not enter before 9:15. You are welcome to walk your child in to meet up with their instructor, but to provide the best service and get our lessons out on time, we ask that you please don’t stay. Classes leave promptly at 9:30am.

What if we are late?

All classes will depart on time. Classes will not wait for late students. If you are late, please proceed directly to the mountain side of the fencing area where a coach will be standing by and attempt to unite your child with their instructor. If this can not be accomplished right away, we suggest you do some family free skiing, then meet up with their class for lunch. We do not offer refunds or make up days for missed lessons. We encourage you to plan ahead to allow for road conditions, parking, rentals and shuttle time.

What if it is raining?

We still run our lessons if it’s raining and recommend bringing some extra clothing, particularly gloves.

What about lunch?

A hearty lunch is included in all Mtn. Sports Team programs and is supervised by our instructors and staff. Lunch is served at both the Campbell Basin Lodge and Crystal Mountain Day Lodge. Due to the limited amount of room, we ask that parents please not eat with students. It’s also a great time for them to better get to know the other kids and make some friends! We encourage parents to allow students to stay with their class for lunch, so when the class is ready to hit the slopes after lunch, all students are present.

Should my child have money/snack in their pocket?

Yes, particularly the younger children who tend to become cold quicker than the older children. That way the coach can take a “warm-up” cocoa stop with the children.

What happens if they get hurt?

Your child will be taken to the Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol. Ski Patrol and/or your child’s coach will contact you. Please be aware of the reader boards at the bottom of all lifts as this may be a means to reach you.

What happens if they get separated from their group?

Your skier should ski down to the bottom of the last lift that they rode, and wait/look there for the coach. While waiting, they should stop any CM Snowsports Instructor and ask them to call into the Snowsports School.

What if my child has go to the bathroom?

The coach and his or her group will wait for the child to use the bathroom. As this can take some time, please make sure your child(ren) uses the bathroom prior to their lesson. They will all be prompted to use the bathroom again at lunch, prior to returning to the hill.

Can parents shadow/accompany lessons?

We believe it’s best for the child and class if parents do not shadow or accompany lessons.


Your child will return to the same area they departed from just before 3:30. Please be punctual in meeting your child for pick-up.

When is the best time to talk to my child’s coach?

Coaches are available at both drop-off & pick-up. Please be mindful of the coach’s time constraints. Concerns or questions with policy should be directed to the Snowsports Director, Ricky Roberts [email protected] or the Mtn. Sports Team Manager [email protected]

Refund Policy

If you need to cancel, registrations must be cancelled no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled session. If a cancellation is made within 14 days of the session, a cancellation fee equaling 50% of the session price will be charged. No-shows are non-refundable.