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Trail Designations
Trail difficulty designations are relative only to Crystal Mountain and may not correspond to difficulty designations at other skis areas. When new to an area, always start out on terrain well within your ability. Trail designations are listed on the trail map, as well as on signs at the beginning of most main trails.

Speed Control Zones
There are designated Speed Control Zones at Crystal Mountain that offer families and beginners easy terrain and slow skiing zones to enjoy their skiing experience. Fast skiing is not allowed in these areas, and families with beginners are encouraged to utilize these trails. Learn More.

Our Trail Maps are made from rocks
Our Trail maps are printed by Stone Paper Solutions located in Vancouver B.C. Stone paper is an innovative, revolutionary new paper product made from stone, not trees. The trail maps are environmentally friendly, waterproof, and rip-resistant, a perfect solution for a mountain environment. Read More...

A Community Sourced Interactive Map
2019-05-01_Crystal-Trail-Map1_CRYSTAL-MT-winter-LawUPDATE-1.jpg 2019-05-01_Crystal-Trail-Map1_CRYSTAL-MT-winter-LawUPDATE-1.jpg

Trail Map Stories

Over the years Crystal Mountain has developed strong community ties and feeling of home for many of the frequent visitors and locals. Relationships, community bonds and friendships are made and grown at Crystal Mountain. Stories are told, people are remembered and for a very special few their stories live on in the form of dedicated runs on our trail maps.
These are their stories.

Uncover the stories