Slowing it down
Looking to slow down the pace and explore the mountain on foot? Snowshoe rentals are available daily from the rental center in the base area. Suggested snowshoe routes can be found on our Snowshoe Map. Download or view online below or pick one up from the ticket window.

Snowshoe Map
Will I enjoy snowshoeing?
Snowshoeing is one of the most peaceful ways to explore the snowy alpine. The footprint of the snowshoes keeps you elevated above the deep snow and makes it nearly as easy as walking. Snowshoes also have metal teeth that grip on steep or icy surfaces, making it easy to climb steep slopes if you desire. Crystal Mountain has set up a trail system that should make your adventure very easy and fun.

Useful tip: Think about bringing a dedicated camera instead of using your phone, as the cold can wear out phone batteries pretty quickly. You may need to use your phone in case of an emergency so a dedicated camera is a better idea. At the very least make sure someone in your party has a fully charged phone and keeps it warm.
what to bring
Consider bringing/wearing the following items on your snowshoe trip to ensure a fun, warm, dry time.

Snowshoe Clothing
Moisture-wicking base layer (Polyester blend or wool). Cotton doesn't dry well and won't keep you warm if it gets wet.
Insulated Layer (Fleece or Vest)
Waterproof/Breathable jacket
Hat or Beanie
Socks (Wool or Synthetic)
Gloves or mittens

The Gear
Snowshoes - Rent these at Crystal Mountain
Boots - Waterproof hiking boots or insulated winter boots.
Poles - Rent these at Crystal Mountain
Backpack - Keep all of your essentials in your backpack. Don't bring anything you won't need, the weight will slow you down.

Essentials - Either you or someone you're with should have these items.
  1. Navigation (Map, Compass, or GPS) - Crystal Mountain can provide a snowshoe map for you. There are also signs along the trails helping you find your way.
  2. Sunglasses and Sunscreen - The snow reflects the UV rays from the sun right into your eyes and on your face.
  3. Extra Food, Snacks, and Water
  4. Extra Clothes (No Cotton)
  5. Headlamp/Flashlight
  6. Knife or Multi-tool

Snowshoe RentalMid-WeekWeekend/holiday
Adult (Age 14+)$30$33
Youth (13 & Under)$25$28

Outerwear & AccessoriesMid-WeekWeekend
Adult Jacket and Pants$37$40
Youth Jacket and Pants$31$34

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