World Class Tuning Equipment at Crystal Edge
Crystal Edge service and repair shop is located one door down from the Snowsports School office. It features a full-service ski and snowboard facility providing world-class state of the art equipment. We recently invested over $80,000 in Wintersteiger tuning equipment to provide you the best tune in the business. Feel free to drop off your equipment at the end of the day and pick it up the next time you visit. We also provide the finest accessories and products for your skis, snowboards, boots, and bindings. Drop by on your next visit and take advantage.
Race Tune (Stone Grind/Base Structure/Minor P-Tex/Ceramic Disc Edge Hand Finished/Race Wax & Scrape)$70N/A
Performance Tune (Stone Grind/Base Structure/Minor P-Tex/Standard Edge Hand Finished & Iron Wax)$55$200*
Standard Tune (Stone Grind/Base Structure/Standard Edge Hand Finished & Wax)$45N/A
Mini-Tune (Standard Edge Hand Finish & Machine Wax)$30N/A
*Tune as needed based on shop tech recommendation, major repairs not included. Valid for one pair of skis only. Shop labor and major repairs are $80/hour.
Machine Belt Wax / Iron-On Hot Wax$7 / $20
Low Fluoro Hand Wax$20
Race Wax$30
Hot Scrape/Additional Cycle (Included in Race Wax)$10
Base Repair/P-Tex$15 each
Binding Mount$50-70
Binding Adjustment & Test$25